HSBC at Wimbledon Brand Engagement 2014

HSBC at Wimbledon Brand Engagement 2014

Following on from the success of HSBC at Wimbledon 2013, Creative Midfield, the sister agency to Noesis, were tasked with creating the booth artwork and digital platform for the Perfect Day at The Championships.

This years brand engagement was based on the slogan ‘Get Closer to The Championships’. This involved closely shot images of traditional elements related to Wimbledon such as Strawberries, a Tennis Ball and the perfectly cut grass.

Creative Midfield developed the activation artwork, which included a tennis court built in the queuing area and was frequented by past Wimbledon legends such as Lindsey Davenport and Tim Henman. The public had the chance to play on the court and win prizes including tickets to the Championships and merchandise.

We also created a digital platform which consisted of a microsite and an online prize draw that pulled in 30,000+ entries, giving people the opportunity to plan and win their perfect day at Wimbledon.

This campaign gave participants the opportunity to win Centre Court tickets, Lunch, Elevenses and even the chance to win signed merchandise.

We devised an online competition that was simple to use, simple in design and great fun to take part in.


HSBC Wimbledon


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September 21, 2016


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