HSBC at Wimbledon Brand Engagement 2013

Noesis Design / HSBC at Wimbledon Brand Engagement 2013

HSBC at Wimbledon Brand Engagement 2013

Noesis were approached by FastTrack, a sports marketing agency, to create the campaign visual for HSBC’s sponsorship campaign at Wimbledon 2013. Alongside this, we were also asked to create the printed booth graphics for the various different sections that HSBC had for display in the Wimbledon queue and also a website allowing people to enter their Perfect Day prize draw.

Noesis created a campaign visual that depicted a concierge serving up the tradition of Strawberries and Cream. This was used worldwide. We then added this to the the walls of the booths. These included the Strawberries and Cream distribution booth, the Hospitality Suite, the Photo Booth, a Batak Game Zone and also a Breakfast booth that was supplied for the use of HSBC Premier and Advance customers.

HSBC also asked Noesis to create a prize draw, where users would log on to the website, plan and possibly win their perfect day at Wimbledon. This concept was a fun, relaxed style site, using grass as a background and photographic icons as selections for the user. This style worked extremely well with the campaign visual. The graphics for this project was seen at Wimbledon by over 500,000 visitors and the website received around 19,000 entries.

We were also asked to create the website portal for HSBC’s activation at Wimbledon 2013.  The portal resides on the Wimbledon main website and its key function was to drive traffic to an online competition that we have created. The content structure of the site was developed around the key activations both onsite and leading up to the event with accessibility at the forefront.


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September 21, 2016


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