Lumines EAU 2017

Lumines EAU 2017

Lumenis Chose EAU 2017 in London to showcase their new line of Moses Technology Lasers. These state of the art lasers revolutionise Urology and the creative used to promote Moses Technology needed to reflect this. In a build up to the event we were commissioned to create a microsite of registering at the event, a bespoke, branded event app to manage timetables, communicate with guests and clients. As well as multiple print applications ranging from the booth graphics themselves to the brochures and flyers available on the day.

The purpose of this creative was not just to be used for a single event but provide an adaptable, creative approach and identity for Lumenis that could be carried across to future events and symposiums.


January 5, 2016


Branding, Creative, Digital APP, Digital Web